What is unique about you and your chocolate?

At Nirvana Chocolat I pride myself on using only the finest high quality and great tasting sustainably sourced ingredients. I only use the finest Belgian chocolate from Belcolade or Barry Callebaut which contains the naturally occurring fat 'cocoa butter'.

I do not use palm oil or vegetable oil (shea or fat) in my chocolates so you will always get a truly rich, smooth silky chocolate taste.

I offer a completely bespoke handmade wedding favour and Belgian chocolate gift service so you have a unique chocolate gift for you and your guests. I also offer a choice of delivery either to you or direct to the wedding venue to save you time and stress.


Is your packaging recyclable?

All my packaging is recyclable or can be re-used by you. The cellophane bags I use are biodegradable / compostable.


Do you offer dairy free / sugar free / organic chocolate?

I currently don't offer all of these options mainly due to order volumes but stay tuned and subscribe to my mailing list for the latest new products being released, free giveaways and discount codes / offers.


How long does it take to make my chocolate?

All my chocolates are handmade to order so they are freshly prepared for you. Please allow up to 3 working days for your chocolates to be made before dispatch.

Do you ship in the summer months?

Please be mindful that when the temperature is high (above 26 degrees), we may need to hold your order longer so that your delicious chocolate won't melt during the delivery.


Do you have a shop?

I am an online store only at present. This does help keep costs down which I can in turn pass on to you by way of great offers.


Why are there no products in the Bespoke Wedding Collection?

I offer a bespoke service so you can request any product, filling and colour for your wedding table favours and chocolate gifts. I also try to match your wedding theme where possible so this means you have a truly unique chocolate experience for you and your guests.

I can work with our existing product range or source a new option for you.

Some of the work I’ve done is special and unique to the couples I work with and it’s ultimately their decision if I can publish on their behalf.


How can I order my Wedding Table Favours online if I need more than you currently have in stock?

All my Belgian chocolates gifts and wedding favours are handmade to order for you so I do not actually hold large volumes of stock. The items listed on the website are a place holder to show my base product range.

Contact me directly and I can either adjust my online stock levels so you can place an order online or we can discuss options and I can send you an invoice with a payment plan.


Do you offer payment plans for Wedding Table Favour orders?

Yes, I require a £50 non refundable booking fee to secure your booking and my availability with full payment being made at least eight weeks prior to delivery.

The booking fee is non refundable as my time is locked in for you and I will start work on your designs and order stock as soon as I receive your booking.


When should I order my Wedding Table Favours?

I advice all my clients to start the conversation with your chosen provider as soon as you have booked your venue and date as you will have a good idea of any colours or themes you wish to use at this point in your planning. 

I would use an average of at least 3 months before the wedding so choices can be made and stock ordered ahead of time to avoid any disappointment. Ultimately the earlier you book and order, the better as it’s one less thing on your list to worry about.


Do you deliver to the Wedding Venue?

Yes I can deliver directly to you or to the Wedding Venue.

I work closely with you on the theme, colours and design and also with your wedding planner or with the venue to arrange delivery for you. I find this takes the hassle away from you so you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your special day.