I work with business coaches, trainers and consultants (HR, Recruitment and Finance) as I send unexpected gifts to their clients throughout the year.

Gifts sent throughout the year are a great way to show your clients that they’re special, you value them and your relationship.

When your clients feel valued, they feel appreciated, they in turn respond positively towards you and your business.

Do you send your clients unexpected gifts on their Birthday?

Do you send Thank You gifts for referrals you’ve received?

Do you send Welcome gifts to new employees when they join your company?

Let's create impact with your clients by gifting the right way using high quality luxury Belgian chocolate corporate gifts this year.


I make it easy to send gifts to your clients with a few simple steps.

Think of me as your gifting Virtual Assistant.


How do you start?

Start with your client Birthdays

1. Identify which clients you wish to send gifts to

3. Establish your budget per client

4. Send me your client birthday / gift list (GDPR compliance adhered to)

5. Send me your gift card message. 

Adding your employee birthdays, Thank You or Welcome gifts is the next step.

What do I do with this information?

I will track your client birthdays and gift dates throughout the year for you.

I hand write the birthday cards and send your gift a few days before your clients birthday so the gift arrives in good time.

I will invoice you and collect payment via GoCardless every month you have a gift sent out without any fuss.

Happy clients feel valued, as it means the world to know you thought of them, they feel appreciated by a simple gesture of an unexpected gift.

Contact me today to start your gifting ideas by calling 07716 847205 or use the Contact Us form here.